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A number of the largest opportunities for real estate in New York is in the business industry. The business and financial

areas of the city have some of the most brilliant structures which are worth extraordinary amounts. One of the main reasons they are worth so much is that the occupants of the buildings are some of the greatest companies in the world, so they are willing to pay a premium price. The competition to have offices within the business district of the city also pushes the prices up, so owning property there is massively profitable. Money can likewise be made by investing in the older parts of the city; investing in the restoration of historical structures to turn them into flats or hotels is something Ziel Feldman has taken part in. As so many New York points of interest are structures and architecture, real estate investors can cement themselves as leaders in the sector by developing and investing in the city.

New York is amongst the most well-known cities across the world, featuring in films every year and being romanticised by assorted TV shows. Being so famous, the city pulls in well-known people, who want to own flats or property there. The rich and famous sometimes own extravagant properties in different destinations, therefore when they visit, they have their very own place to stay, without getting a hotel. However, the hotel industry in New York is one of the most popular across the world; with a lot of tourists visiting the city all year every year, there is always a high demand for hotels, specifically around the central area. Aby Rosen has a large share in a number of greatest hotels in the New York state capital and in other forms of real estate as well. There are lots of events in New York, such as the fashion week, therefore during these weeks, the hotels are always extremely crowded.

New York city is amongst the most renowned tourist destinations across the world, but it is also a famous place for real estate. As New York is such a large city in term of populace, there is loads of potential for investment. With 8.6 million individuals living in the city there is a sizeable need for housing and office space. With such a high demand for housing, it means there are usually brand new builds beginning in the

residential areas. Due to this need for housing, many real estate investors look to New York for a place to purchase and sell; Eyal Ofer is one such investor. The population of New York is almost certain to expand in the next few years, so many investments made will likely have fantastic returns.

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